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A Vernon dentist with a unique, long-term approach to avoid costly and painful surprises.
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Our Process – How We Help

One Size Does Not Fit All

You are unique! Plain and simple, your history and your experiences at the dentist are important to us. We take the time to get to know you and your teeth and custom fit your treatment, it comes with being a part of our family and feeling at home.

We Avoid Costly and Painful Surprises

If we are honest, two things keep you avoiding the dentist. A fear of pain and the cost. We use evidence-based dentistry rooted in what works and has worked for your exact situation, eliminating guessing which brings extra and unnecessary trips to the dentist.

You're Not Guilty

Ever felt a bit of guilt when the dental assistant asked you about flossing? People are often embarrassed to seek help because they believe the condition of their mouth is purely their fault or feel hopeless. We're here to help you understand it isn't hopeless, and we'll walk with you every step of the way.

Ready for a New Way of Thinking?

We don't base our approach on the status quo, or what dental insurance companies tell us to do. We are honest and open with you in not following what the industry 'simply does'.

Comprehensive Evaluation

The dental exam is the foundation for your treatment and can affect your mouth for the rest of your life. We collect information about your mouth in many ways, each is critically important in your long term health.

Reduce Your Risk of Future Problems

There's a good chance that any pain or discomfort you are experiencing now is a result of previous short term dental decisions that end up costing you emotionally, physically and financially. We'll recommend treatments that give you the best chance of keeping your smile and teeth for a lifetime!

Autographed with Excellence!

It simply feels different to walk into an office where excellence is the standard.  We embrace this as our foundation!  It means when you sit in our chair, you can be assured that your team (dentist and staff) have the latest knowledge and training – aiming for perfection with every procedure.


Excellence is the attention to detail, accurate diagnosis and skilled hands of your dentist.  This gives you the comfort of an efficient, informative and custom treatment that you can afford!


Our continued relationship with the world renowned Kois Center in Seattle forms the foundation for our ongoing education and improvement toward dental excellence.



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