Dental Fast Facts

48 hours: The time it takes for Plaque to solidify on teeth.  The next layer piles on top and the cycle continues until you see a visible buildup of hard brownish-black material.  This is why I recommend flossing a minimum of once every 2 days.

3%:  The chance that any given tooth in your mouth will experience some complication in any given year, such as breakage or cavity

30%:  The chance that a tooth adjacent to a space (missing tooth) will experience some complication in any given year, such as breakage, sensitivity, or cavity

2 Minutes:  Minimum time to spend brushing your teeth, twice a day

50%:  The chance that a bridge will last 10 years without issues such as breakage, cavity, or need for a root canal.

97%:  The chance that an implant will last at least 10 years with no issues

45 minutes:  The amount of time a high-carb or sugary snack creates a cavity-causing acidic environment in your mouth

400%:  Strength advantage of modern E-Max Porcelain over older dental porcelain

3-8%:  Percentage of adults who are true “Grinders” at night.

65%:  Percentage of Adults who think their tooth damage is due to nocturnal grinding but it’s actually due to a bite problem

50%:  Percentage of the population that never go to the dentist

58%:  Percentage of people over age 55 missing at least one tooth (other than a wisdom tooth)

20%:  Amount of chewing ability with complete upper and lower dentures (compared to 100% ability with natural teeth)

75%-90%:  Chewing ability if dentures are attached to implants

1000%:  Difference in tooth-damaging acidity between Stomach acid (bulimia, Gastric Reflux disease, heartburn) and Cola Beverages.  Stomach acid is 100 times worse than soft drinks for your teeth!