What my Graduation from The Kois Center means for you.

Over the last 3 years, I’ve been taking courses at The Kois Center in Seattle, a postgraduate training center for practicing dentists.  I completed my final course earlier this month.  As a student, I’ve had the privilege of taking in-depth courses that deal comprehensively with several areas:

-Treatment Planning and Research-Based clinical decision making

-Occlusion (bite) and Jaw Joint (TMJ) Treatment

-Advanced Dental Implant Restoration

-Current Science and Technique pertaining to restorative dentistry (crowns, fillings, and Bridges)

-Surgical techniques to create stable, healthy gum and bone

Lately, patients have been asking what this training means for them.  Practically, this means that when you’re in my care, you can count on:

-A thorough diagnostic approach that identifies the cause behind any issues (known or unknown) you may have.

-A risk-based assessment:  My goal is to identify and address potential problems (risks) before they have a chance to do damage. Everything I do must reduce your risk, or it doesn’t make sense.  This has deep implications for clinical decision making at every level.  For example, should I fill your broken molar tooth or crown it?  Which is more likely to result in loss of the tooth in the future?  These questions are answered by my training.

-Receiving treatment based on Current scientific literature and treatment standards… treatment that’s carefully designed to reduce your risks of adverse events in the future.  You’ll be diagnosed and treated with up-to-date protocols, which are constantly being updated  (via my relationship with the Kois Center) as new research emerges.

My job is to help you achieve your dental health goals.   Put my brain to work for you; it’s the best tool I have.