Hidden Helpers: Foods that don’t cause tooth decay

My last post centred on foods that cause tooth decay.  In this post, I’ll lighten the mood a little and paint a brighter picture.  Below, I will outline foods that don’t cause decay.  I’ve also include a few that even prevent decay!

1.    Cheese and Eggs

Cheese is one of the “best” foods when it comes to preventing cavities, as it not only won’t form them, it also actively fights them!  This works through an acid-fighting component in cheese as well as the tendency for cheese to increase mineral uptake into teeth. Remember:  Cavities form when teeth lose minerals.

Eggs also have no potential to create cavities.

2.    Nuts

Nuts provide great protein at little risk to your teeth.

3.    Meat

Most meat is “cavity” safe…but be aware that some lunchmeats and cold cuts contain added sugar.

4.    Vegetables

Vegetables are an excellent choice for both tooth and full – body health.

5.    Fruits

Fruit contains a simple sugar called  “fructose”, so it’s not completely benign regarding decay risk.  However, not all sugars are created equally.  Fructose is much less likely to cause decay than sucrose or glucose due to structural differences in these sugars and different bacterial responses to different sugars.  Dried fruit tends to be more cavity-causing (cariogenic) than fresh fruit.